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Cloud Computing

Virtually Distributed Systems

A virtually distributed system is one in which the nodes of the distributed system are located in separate virtual machines, but on the same physical machine. 

Overcast: Eclipsing High Pro le Open Source Cloud Initiatives @ OOPSLA09 Cloud Computing Workshop

Can Cloud Computing be used without the traditional clustered, high-availability and highly complicated software stacks from big vendors or high profile open source initiatives? This paper presents the position that by leveraging the virtualization that is inherent in the cloud, we can recompose cloud systems out of more simple building blocks, breaking the dependancy on complicated software stacks and creating more secure and reliable systems than at present.

Virtualized Recomposition: Cloudy or Clear? Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges in Cloud Computing @ ICSE 2009

Virtualization provides a coarse-grained isolation mechanism that results in large systems, with full operating systems and a complete software stack as their foundation. Though much of this foundation is not strictly necessary, the programmatic burden of building systems at a finer-granularity, on a smaller foundation, has previously been shown to be prohibitive.