HEY… You got your Paradigm in my Operating System! PLOS @ ECOOP 2005

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“People like to live in denial; thinking that programming shouldn't be this hard right? There must an easier way, if only those pesky developers followed $fashionable_methodology_of_the_day...”

-Pantelis Antoniou

Linus Torvalds has gone on the record stating is dislike of C++ kernel code many times, " In fact, in Linux we did try C++ once already, back in 1992. It sucks. Trust me – writing kernel code in C++ is a BLOODY STUPID IDEA... ”. But today's mainstream operating systems are failing to scale. They are not only unable to unleash the power of true concurrency in multi-processor systems, but they are equally incapable of effectively supporting the variability in today's feature-rich kernels. We believe the inability if these systems to respond to hardware/software evolution is a direct result of the lack of linguistic support for higher-level paradigms. This position paper provides examples of concrete ways in which traditional approaches are no longer sustainable, and suggests an incremental solution that stands to fit within current practices in systems development. Through incremental adoption, we believe this approach will achieve buy-in from the systems community, otherwise skeptical of the $fashionable_methodology_of_the_day .