PhD Student at the University of Victoria
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HEY… You got your Paradigm in my Operating System! PLOS @ ECOOP 2005

People like to live in denial; thinking that programming shouldn't be *this* hard right? There must an easier way, if only those pesky developers followed $fashionable_methodology_of_the_day...

-Pantelis Antoniou


Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a mechanism intended to concretely implement cross cutting concerns in a modular way.

The Jam-o-lizer: Garbage Collection Visualization for JamVM

The Jam-o-lizer is a garbage collection visualization system for the JamVM, that allows JamVM to be used with GCSpy. The Jam-o-lizer was created by Chris Matthews, Jen Baldwin, and Bill Gallop as a project for a class at the University of Victoria under the supervision of Dr. Horspool.

C Tricks

C is a relativity old and simple language compared to most of the other heavily used languages. Over time lots of little tricks have developed to solve certain problems that arise when programming in such a simple language.