PhD Student at the University of Victoria
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Greenest Cities Of The World

A demo I gave at GEC14 in Boston. Summer 2012.

A short talk about the Lind Project

In this short video, I motivate and introduce the Lind project.

Preview: The Lind Project

Linux Mint 10 x86 Virtual Box Image

Virtual Box VDI image file from the OEM install of Linux Mint 10 X86. On first boot it should prompt you to make a new username, and configure your settings.  To install, just create a new VM, and un7zip the file then use it as the disk image.   Recent patches were installed, though the image is not updated.

Command line GTD

I have just finished the first implementation of a tool for adding items to your GTD (Vitalist) inbox right from the command line. Check it out here.

Bare metal OSGI Equinox on Xen

Just a pointer to one of my summer projects. I am working for Google Summer of Code, sponsored by the Eclipse foundation to work on:  Bare metal OSGI Equinox on Xen


Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a mechanism intended to concretely implement cross cutting concerns in a modular way.

SCOPE: Scalable Clustered Objects with Portable Events

This is the work from my Masters thesis. SCOPE is a Linux user-level library intended to help a C++ developer create highly concurrent objects for SMP systems. Writing truly concurrent software is hard, scaling software to fully utilize hardware is one of the reasons why. One abstraction for increasing the scalability of systems software is clustered objects. Clustered objects is a proven method of increasing scalability.

The Jam-o-lizer: Garbage Collection Visualization for JamVM

The Jam-o-lizer is a garbage collection visualization system for the JamVM, that allows JamVM to be used with GCSpy. The Jam-o-lizer was created by Chris Matthews, Jen Baldwin, and Bill Gallop as a project for a class at the University of Victoria under the supervision of Dr. Horspool.